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Zombie Annihilator is an awesome game between Dead zombie shooting & Apocalypse, you will shoot zombies offline through really challenging environments. From the beginning you might feel it’s kind of similar to zombie shooting games but Don’t worry, it is much simpler, but much better! Shooting zombies into the dead is all what you need to do if you want to live among the walking zombies by daylight.

Zombie Annihilator is a zombie survival game full of fps action with army heroes. Zombie Annihilator – action game is best for those who love to play zombie games to kill them and zombie virus target – zombie shooter games offer modern weapons like guns and rifles. You are an army soldier in this new shooting game 2021. Zombie kill war defence – fps shooting game is designed especially for zombie shooters and action games fans. You will fight as a legend commando and will gun fight against evil dangerous zombies to win action combat of ultimate battle. A new edition in shooter games as the following zombie shooting game is the best action game for warfare lovers.

Equip yourself for battle against the walking dead! Zombie Annihilator combines the roguelike shooter experience with a zombie apocalypse. Choose a hero and begin your adventure traversing mysterious dungeons while killing rotting zombies and other fantastic creatures. Escape from danger to survive!

In Zombie Annihilator you can simply just enjoy the thrill of slaying zombies in your preferred way – shooting, blasting, slashing, and burning! Explore an assortment of powerful weapons to achieve your ultimate goal – destruction! blast zombie heads shotguns or incinerate them with Flamers - there are hundreds of ways to battle the walking dead!

Shoot zombies int the arena on apocalypse world with perfect zombie shoot. Hold trigger of your gun and kill all the dangerous mutates into walking zombies. A very lethal virus has spread causing zombies’ outbreaks all over the city and humans are turning into zombie 2021.

Most of human survivors and residents got infected and the whole world is turning into doom dead zone and turning into zombies. Be a monster shooter kill all the doom dead walking in zombie district so win fight against the evil and save the zombie in this PVP horror game and save humans to become the great gun shooter in fps shooting game. Hunting kills dead zombie with your sniper gun as it's a best way to kill zombies. Kill the zombies and advance in Zombie Annihilator – zombie survival games.

Zombie Annihilator is the new game of shooting zombies and strategy genre without Internet for FREE. Rules are simple: just survive repulse waves of zombie.Just make them your own dead target. It will be seemed that there is zombie farm nearby because it will be too many of them! These monsters may kill your protecters therefore be careful! If one of zombies reach the left side at least, you lose!

Keep the frontier zombie apocalypse combat – action game. Perform powerful attack with sniper guns into the head. Shoot enemies like an assassin with bullets at the frontline battlefield arena to compete all missions of challenge mission game. Build strategy to target the undead enemy and aim for headshot! Your mission is to survive in this shooting TPS Zombie game.

A Third-person action shooter with best fighting strategy and fps army war tactics. Train yourself for the dead monsters shooting sniper assault. There are 16 Heroes to Choose from. And Areas to clear from dead zombies. You Can buy many weapons from the store and upgrade yourself to survive. So Fight target attack and shoot-out as a Real shooter hero hunter in this zombie attack action game and work hard to complete all missions to save humanity.