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YaaniBrowser, which has many new features are offered, is an easy-to-use and browser that offers a secure search experience. Which offers many of the features you expect from a browser, YaaniBrowser’s user-friendly interface, you can get used to quickly and easily. The list of pharmacies on duty, weather forecast, live exchange rates and more are waiting for you on YaaniBrowser! You can categorize your tabs on the home page and have a fast search experience thanks to the smart widgets. With the advanced autosuggest feature, you can find the most relevant results for related searches when you search.Many Features Are Waiting For You On YaaniBrowser!✓ Follow the daily weather forecast.✓ View the closest shopping malls, cafes and restaurants.✓ Follow live scores with sports tab on Yaani android browser.✓ Advanced autosuggest.✓ Quick search with smart widgets and shortcuts.✓ Activate incognito mode with one click on YaaniBrowser✓ Use your favorite search engine from the list of search engines on Yaani internet browser.✓ Restrict targeted ads.✓ Search for images and videos YaaniBrowser✓ Categorize your tabs✓ Use the voice search feature.You Can Customize Your Homepage!You can customize your Yaani search engine homepage with smart widgets such as Sports, Currency, News and Weather. You can group the tabs separately, and have a fast search experience thanks to smart widgets.You Can Use The Yaani Internet Browser Is SafelyIf you are in search of a secure browser, YaaniBrowser's secure infrastructure is for you! Yaani mobile browser has the advanced tracking protection feature, you can prevent advertisers from tracking your browser and restrict targeted ads on YaaniBrowser.Get Various Gifts with YaaniBrowserYou can earn various gifts while using YaaniBrowser. You can get many gifts from mobile internet to 1-month membership coupons for TV+ or Fizy with the points you earn. You can see the gifts you have earned so far and how many points you need for the gift you want to win. Use The Search Engine You Want On Yaani Internet Browser!You can choose any search engine you want among the ones offered to you on YaaniBrowser and use your favorite search engine. While searching, you can instantly select the search engine you want.Keep Your Payment and Card Informations SavedYou can store the payment and card information you use while shopping online on Yaani internet browser. In this way, you do not need to enter your payment and card information again in the next purchases.Customize YaaniBrowserOn Yaani fast internet browser, you can customize in many ways features. You can edit your home page as you wish, and customize the main menu. You can manually set the theme, font and size of your browser. If you want, you can set the theme as "Dark Mode" on Yaani internet browser.If you want to download a fast and secure browser, the latest version of YaaniBrowser is just a click away!Terms of Use & Privacy: https://www.yaani.com.tr/policy/app_privacypolicy.html