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White Noise Sleep Sounds

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The description of White Noise Sleep Sounds App

The gas pain the babies suffered most and named colic is the biggest problem for the parents. In order to calmthe babies down who suffer gas pain, sometimes you turn on the hair drier, sometimes you take them to hang around by car and you try many other diferent ways.

This application has a very pratical interface.

It includes ten different sounds.

Putting it bedside of your babies makes them relax and sleep easily.

You can turn on the sound you want from the list or you can use the media player buttons.

The song sounds are arranged aproximatelly two minutes in order not to enlarge the size of the application.

It is enough to push the repeat button only one time to play the same sound constinuously.

You can set the duration.

The sounds added to application;

1 - Car Drive Sound

2 - Womb Sound

3 - Washing Machine Sound

4- Stream Sound

5- Heartbeat Sound

6- Hair Dryer Sound

7- Vacuum Cleaner Sound

8- Waterfall Sound

9- Oscillating Fan Sound

10- Rain Sound

11- Music Box Sound

12- Forest Sound

13- Sea Sound

14- Train Sound

15- Wind Sound