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Vienna Connection

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The description of Vienna Connection App

This application is a digital companion for the Vienna Connection board


You can play Vienna Connection by accessing the website, or by

downloading this app to your mobile device.When you launch the app, you

will select the Mission you want to play, and you can immediately start

playing. The app has all the elements discussed in the rules, that is

Puzzles, Solutions and Final report section.

Vienna Connection is a spy themed board game. In this story-driven game

for 1-5 players, you command a team of CIA agents during the Cold War

conducting secret missions in various European cities. It’s January

1977. CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia gets wind of Soviet activity

in Austria and has no choice but to intervene. The CIA decides to

dispatch members of their Special Activities Division (SAD). The game is on.

If you’re looking for a spy game, and would love to outthink and defeat

Soviet agent’s activities—Vienna Connection is the game for you.