UltLion2 (premium)

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UltLion2 Mod Info
Ultimate Lion Simulator 2 is a quality simulator with role-playing elements for android devices.

Changing Weather & Seasons

This awesome game will plunge you into incredibly realistic, wild world and will allow you to stroll through the savannah, as well as try yourself in the skin of a real lion. Ultimate Lion Simulator 2 is designed to last but not least, evaluate quality and colorful locations, changing seasons, weather and nights. Explore territories, hunt, earn a reputation, start a family in a realistic and detailed world of wildlife.

Wide options for customizing and pumping hero

In Ultimate Lion Simulator 2 you can literally fine-tune the appearance of your lion, fight against enemies, hunt other animals, and pump up combat skills such as strength, tracking, and regeneration. Make friends with other lions, start a family, raise your young, establish relationships with your fellow humans, hunt together, train and study the vast game world. Quality and detailed graphics, a well-crafted relationship development system, skills pumping and all the wonders of the wild are waiting for you in Ultimate Lion Simulator 2. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.