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The mobile application stores the collection of Turkish dramas in English. It will be very helpful to the users, who are in the search of Turkish Dramas in English. Furthermore, you will be able to watch other Turkish Dramas, which are unseen to you.Turkish Historic Series in English Subtitles Categories:1- Barbarosa in English2- Dastan in English3- Mevlana in English4- Jaloliddin in English5- Mehmetcik Kutul in English6- Filinta Mustafa in English7- Barbaros Hayrettin Passa in English8- Sultan Abdul hameed in English9- Nizam e Alam in English10- The Great Seljuks in English11- Sultan Alp Arslan in English12- Yavuz Sultan Selim in English13- Shadow Team in English14- The Oath in English15- Turk Lala in English16- Hay Sultan in English17- Malazgirt 1071 in English18- Ghazi Osman in EnglishAPP Categories:1- Televistan TV2- TVEnglish APP3- MAKKITV APP4- GIVEME5 APP5- VIDTOWER APP6- HISTORIC SERIES APP7- DIRILIS TV8- Qayadat TV9- DirectPlay TV10- SHOOF LIVE TV Arabic.11- MultiTV12- MubiTV13- Turkish Dramas in English.14- Turkish Series in English.15- Historic Series in English.