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Toca Boca brings all of your favorite games including Toca Life: Office, City, Vacation, and Hospital in one place, Toca Life World. It gives you a chance to make stories and create your beautiful dream home using thousands of possibilities and items. It features a massive world that contains a series of locations to explore. Each location has a variety of buildings to explore and have fun by participating in thousands of fun-filled activities. The game merges several genres such as Puzzle, Education, Point-and-Click, and Virtual World. As the game starts, you find yourself in a digital world where your ultimate goal is to have fun and learn many things. An exciting cast of characters awaits you over there to play different mini-games, take part in competitions, and decorate the room.

Moreover, Toca Life: World is providing you with a place where you can experience all the fun-filled titles of the series in the same place. In short, everything is attached to a massive world of play. The game doesn’t feature Multiplayer mode like other titles, it has only Single-player mode. In the game, approximately everything is moveable, even you can remove the hats and shoes of your character whenever you want. During the game, you can be a chef, a doctor, a gamer, or more to enjoy the freedom in the digital world where you can do anything whatever you want. The game features a beautiful cast of characters; each one has a unique appearance, abilities, and play style.


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