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Meet TimeKeeper, simple time and attendance software for small businesses.Employees can simply clock in and out, track time against jobs and request leave all via their mobile or on a tablet. Never again do you have to worry about calculating how many hours an employee has worked, how long each employee is spending on a job, breaks they are due or how much leave they have remaining.FEATURES• Employees can clock in and out with their unique 4 digit pin on Kiosk mode or using their own mobile account• Manage and view employee annual leave on the app• Photo capture and facial recognition is used at clock in/out to ensure the employee is who they say they are. Can opt out.• Never having to worry about manually calculating employee timesheets• Automatic track the time each employee is spending working on each job• Eliminate hours of manual timesheet data entry into payroll software• Run sophisticated reports on our web platform including Who's In, Staff Timesheets, Job Reports, Timesheet and Payroll Exports.• Secure and safe data storage with automatic backups in the cloud