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Survey2Connect Field Force

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The description of Survey2Connect Field Force App

Survey2Connect’s field force app lets you collect data in an offline mode with out the need of internet connection. The responses can be submitted anytime whenever you have internet available. You can use it for field surveys, in your stores, offices or during a conference. The app can also be used for doing audits and mystery shopping.

The surveys need to be scripted using the platform survey2connect.com or by using survey2connect app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.survey.connect&hl=en)

Important Note:- Login id and password to be generated from survey2connet.com. If you are an agent or not the main account user, please reach out to the management to get your log in details

Field surveys – Offline and online mode

Company representative can be assigned a survey using the main account from Survey2Connect’s platform. The survey can be downloaded on the phone or tablet and the data can be collected from anywhere

Our brand new feature of sharing the survey link allows you to share the survey link with audience over SMS. You can share the link from the app itself. It gives you a flexibility whether you want to send the link through your SMS provider or you can send it through company’s SMS gateway.

Use the app for:

• Collecting in person (CAPI) feedback

• Gather feedback after a conference or session

• Retail audits or mystery shopping

Kiosk Mode

Use the kiosk mode to collect feedback in your stores, offices and other places. Once you place the app in kiosk mode, the app will automatically begin the same survey once previous response has been collected

For more information or any queries please reach out on support@survey2connect.com