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Star Titan Mod Apk

Star Titan Mod Apk is a side-scrolling, futuristic run-and-gun game where players take control of giant machines known as Titans.

In the not-so-distant future, humanity has charted a vast majority of the galaxy with the aid of an alien cooperative called the Muranians. However, a human military organization (the Terran Conglomerate) wants supremacy over the other races – spreading propaganda and attacking Muranian colonies to subjugate their former allies ... slaughtering millions in their path. Unable to ignore these atrocities, top human scientists and former military personnel smuggle Muranian refugees to a distant planet where they use their skills to build giant machines that will combat the injustice and reclaim the galaxy in the name of peace. These machines are the Titans ...

In your quest for Galactic unity and freedom, you’ll earn credits in order to customize your Titans with improved health and damage stats – as well as unlocking various alternate skins for each individual Titan type.

- Experience exciting arcade-style gameplay on the go.

- Enjoy 4 detailed, exquisitely-designed levels.

- Play as 2 distinct, customizable characters.

- Listen to an exciting original score composed by David Rose.

- Progress through an anime-inspired storyline featuring top-notch graphics and sound.

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