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Space Oddity is a must have app for all space and astronomy enthusiasts. With this tiny app you will stay informed about:✓ all the spaceflights scheduled around the world by all launch service providers (NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ISRO, SpaceX, Blue Origin, RocketLab, ULA, CASC, Arianspace, Starsem, RVSN RF, Northrop Grumman, ISA...) with detailed payload, rocket type, operator info, orbit, function description etc.✓ space/cosmic events for current year and every month (lunar/solar eclipses, conjunctions, comets, meteors showers peaks, moon phases, planets oppositions, equinox/solstice...),✓ comets that visits our solar system in current year,✓ astronomical objects discovered in current year.You can also read everyday new "article of the day" about issues related with cosmos/space/astronomy/physics etc.Space Oddity app is strictly connected with Wikipedia, so all the included information are reliable and fresh (content is updated remotely each time you open the app).This app is still in beta stage, so please forgive me for minor bugs and if you like to - send me feedback, suggestions/ideas directly to me (you can find my email in developer info on this page).