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Jump from planet to planet (be careful not to be eaten)! Aim and tap at the very moment!!! It’s not easy to fly without a ship! At every step predatory plants lurk and wait for you, black holes want to kidnap you, evil alien monsters try to dine with you, and flying planets try to explode or freeze when you step on them! But YOU can help our UFO alien meet his family, choose armored suits for him and help him run and hop the right route through hostile and addicting universes full of dangers! Enjoy the best fun space arcade game for all ages! New universes await you! Stay away from the enemies on each level, collect points and get top points to unlock the new levels or load items! Easy and fun to play?? - hard to become the coolest alien⭐ ⭐ ⭐! Just tap at the right moment to hop on to the next planet.

Space Escape Features:

✔ Free to Play running arcade game

✔ Unique and addicting levels

✔ Monsters, lightnings and many other interesting obstacles to fly and hop around

✔ New challenges for the UFO child at every level

✔ A variety of character enhancements will help you go through difficult sections

✔ Special “BOSS” level at the end of each universe!


Space Escape is the story of a cute alien runner. Already flew on business to a distant galaxy, the UFO hero was returning to his family, to the home planet. But in this addicting arcade game his ship was wrecked! Our main character was lucky to meet an old & experienced alien traveler. The older one taught our young non-human how to jump and hop to escape without a flying ship! How long has this oldster been in this universe? Did he get here as an old man, or could he not return home for so long that he grew old in space? And the same fate awaits our cutie hero? Oh no, please tap to help the alien get home and hug his family before he turns 890 alien years!

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