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Slice It All! (Без рекламы)

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● Убран показ рекламы;
● Вы можете получать бесплатные вещи без просмотра рекламы.
Slice It All! - colorful time killer for android devices.

Bright and funny game for every day

High-quality and quite entertaining casual arcade game for mobile platforms with the familiar, but meditative gameplay that will allow you to escape from your everyday routine and give you a lot of vivid impressions. Gameplay Slice It All! is very simple and will allow even a child to appreciate the game, all you need in this game is to cut various objects that will be on your way. To complete this mission, you will have the sharpest knives at your disposal, you can use them and go through the most difficult tests.

Dragging on from the very first minutes

All you have to do is toss a cold weapon with a light touching the display of the smartphone, thereby forcing it to spin in the air and simultaneously cut various objects. The nuance is that you need to correctly calculate the number of rotations and force the knife to touch the edge of the blade, otherwise you will instantly lose. Slice It All! you will find a large number of different knives available to unlock, several playable locations, and a pleasant meditative atmosphere. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.