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Do you have problems imagining a pose and doing the sketch? This app is for you! It is an extensive gallery of male and female poses for realistic drawing or anime and manga style.Find the pose you imagine in our poses gallery, perfectly organized for easy navigation. Each pose has more than one camera angle to choose from, select one and modify the size and orientation with your fingers. Lock the screen so the image doesn't move and use it as a reference to draw.Are you still learning and do you find it difficult to draw freehand? Lock the screen and increase the brightness so that you can place a sheet of paper over your cell phone or table and draw the sketch exactly over the reference. Then remove your cell phone or tablet and draw all the details you want.The drawing dolls (mannequins or figures) come completely clean, only with a reference line so you can add the clothes, hair and accessories you want. We want this doll to help you draw better, without imposing what clothes you should wear or what expression you should have. That is why we have kept the reference mannequins completely clean.