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Brief Introduction:

Saint Lucian Creole French (Kwéyòl) is a French-based Creole widely spoken on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Alternative names for the language include Grenadian Creole French, Lesser Antillean Creole French, Patois, and Patwa. The official ISO language code is ISO 639-3: acf.


English is the official language of Saint Lucia. However, Kwéyòl is believed to be understood by most locals. As of 2001, there was an estimated 160,000 native speakers of the language. While Kwéyòl is still not recognized as an official language in 2021, the government and local media organizations often relay information via both English and Kwéyòl.

To meet the need for an 'authoritative, affordable reference guide' on Kwéyòl a dictionary was solicited under the guidance of the Ministry of Education of St. Lucia. The research for this project was accomplished by a SIL team in the years 1984– 2000. SIL International is a non-profit organization that advances language-based development via research, translation, and literacy. In 2001, SIL International published the first edition of the Saint Lucian Creole French 'Kwéyòl Dictionary'. Paul Crosbie, David Frank, Emanuel Leon, and Peter Samuel compiled that edition, and David Frank edited the work.

The creation of the dictionary's latest application was facilitated by SIL International's Verna Stutzman and Beth Bryson. Publication permission was granted by David Frank. This application's compilation and publication were conducted by Laurel Lord.


While not all vocabulary words of the language are present in this edition, the content was approved and supported by the Saint Lucian government. There are plans for content updates based on subsequent editions of the dictionary.

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