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What is better than a quickie? Few things are, as you will come to learn once you have played this very very fine puzzle game!In this game, you can challange your friends! Who has the most perceptive mind, you wonder? Quibble no more! This game will settle the matter once and for all, mark our word!Store up to several dozen of your friends' names in the game's database, for easy access once you're ready to enter the battle.There are several language options. Perhaps your mother tongue is amongst the few select? Let's cross our fingers it is! Also we present four difficulties that may set the bar either high or low, depending on your courage!The highscore list keeps track of your top ten best wonders and let your pride shine with glorius bright light. Be sure not to fall for the seduction of arrogance, though, as it is a recipe for certain disaster at all times!Now you must face the challange that lies ahead. The gauntlet has been thrown!