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Phillip the Frog

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Hi there. My name is Phillip.

Now I'm an eyed egg, and judging by the green color, I won't become a noble trout, but it's not a bad idea to turn into a funny frog. But I afraid, that I can't do it alone. I really hope for your help!

Please protect me from the ubiquitous sticks. This will help you with your agility and my ability to send a wave. Sometimes you can find a green vitamin, eat it, it can help you. But be careful, if you eat a red vitamin – then there will be trouble. I also love to eat! Help me find something to eat. If you find stars or coins, take them, too, they will not be superfluous. If you work hard, I will go to the next stage of evolution and one day become a big and beautiful toad!

When I grow up, I want to jump to Paris and become a chef. They say that French cuisine is unforgettable! With your help, I can make my dream come true.

I believe we will succeed!


Download our game for free and help Phillip turn into a funny frog right now.


A funny character, cute music and fun gameplay - all this awaits you in "Phillip the Frog".


Prove that you are the most agile and fastest. Break sticks, launch a wave, speed up or slow down, but don't let the stick hit you. Catch the food, use special abilities and grow with Phillip.