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About Parasite Days MOD APK

You awaken to find a strange but cute creature growing from your arm.
It turns out to be a terrible parasite that will drain all of its host's vitality.
Do you kill it, or let it kill you?
Introducing the world's first parasite-purging adventure game.

Parasite Days MOD APK Features

++Your Immune Response is Key++
Choose supplies that will improve your health so you can withstand the parasite!
Uncover food combos that produce gastronomic reactions as you struggle to survive!
++Simple Controls++
No difficult motions required.
++Multiple Endings++
Your actions will alter the story.
++Completely Free++
Fully playable without spending any money.
No story connections to previous games (though there is a shared worldview).
Some endings are good, others are bad.

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