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Notesnook is an easy to use private notes app and organizer. It is fully cross-platform. Download it on all your devices for free. Sync notes between your computer, tablet and mobile seamlessly.

With Notesnook, note taking is a simple and easy task. Just like opening a physical notebook and writing notes down.

A notes app to protects your privacy

With military grade encryption, no one can ever read your secret notes except you. We use XChaCha20-Poly1305 & Argon2 encryption algorithms that are stronger & safer than AES256, impenetrable & future-proof.

You do not need to press any button or enable anything for encryption to work. Your privacy is our primary concern. By default all notes are encrypted and securely stored on our servers. We can't read or open your notes even if we want to.

Sync notes in a safe and secure way. All your notes are encrypted on your device and synced so no matter what device you use, you always have access to what you write and journal in notepad.

Double encrypt your notes with vault. Locked notes require password on open and are encrypted at rest.

A private diary with lock. App lock let's you lock notes with fingerprint and even lock the app so no one has access except you. A truly personal, safe & private diary with password so you can journal and write secret notes.

Get things done with to-do lists and tasks. Create to-do lists to get things done. Keep track of your daily progress in to-do lists and accomplish daily tasks.

Journal your life in our private diary. Add photos & videos to your journal. Record your daily emotions and activities in your diary. Keep online journal safe with password. Anything you write or express is secure with military strength encryption. Take your journal always.

Simple notes on notepad or writing a complex document. Our notes editor supports rich editing. It allows basic formatting and editing notes. Make to-do lists and bulleted lists. Add images and embed videos in notepad & add tables and links

Use markdown in notes editor. Use all markdown shortcuts and write markdown notes. Add headings, links, lists & more with markdown shortcuts.

Organize notes with notebooks. Each notebook has topics. In topics you can add all your notes. Use notebooks for multiple purpose like office or school notes.

Color notes easily with one tap. You can edit the name and rename colors according to the notes you keep.

No internet connection is required to use our notes taking app. and sync notes in notepad when you have internet access.

Built-in App Lock to lock the app with fingerprint so no one can open and peek into your private notes on your device.

Export notes in formats such as PDF, HTML, Markdown and Plain Text. Share notes with anyone with standard size and formatting.

Monographs allow you publish and share your notes. You can that you want to publish. With self destruct feature, a monograph is deleted when it is accessed once. Military grade encryption which is use to encrypt your data for syncing.

• Create note backups

• Restore backups

• Encrypt all your backups optionally

• Automatic daily, weekly & monthly backups of your data and notes.

Our notes app has dark mode, useful when you are working at night taking notes.

Visit to download Notesnook for all your devices.