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One of the concerns of parents are to teach English Literature to their children and we hear the phrase: "Start teaching English to your child from early on" constantly.

Why learn English in childhood?

Kids younger than 12 years old learn about accent much faster but after that age, it becomes more challenging.

Being bilingual makes children smarter.

Knowing another language causes kids to have a greater focus.

Traveling gets more exciting and delightful for kids.

Children can perform their homework and researches more accurately.

Reasons to learn English Language

1 out of every 5 persons in the world speaks English.

English is the base language for Computer Science, Politics and Tourism.

One can get recruited in more jobs if they know English.

It's the official language in 53 countries around the world.

It's the first language of more than 400 million people in the world.

English is the language of Internet.

It's one of the easiest language in the world.

By learning it, watching movies and series and listening to songs gets easier.

It's the official language of thousands of schools and colleges around the world.

Knowing it will help youngsters to enroll into college with ease.

Learning English Literature can be hard for children, but here in Nikalearn we'll help you to help your kids to experience the joy of learning by combining entertainment and education, in the most creative ways

All you need to do it download the Application and let your kids dive into entertainment/education world and see the results for yourself!

Why Nikalearn:

Continuous update and support.

Lessons for capital and small alphabets.

Learn the name of more than 100 objects and fruits.

Learn the name of more than 100 animals.

Fun riddles to further practice learned names and alphabets.

Two kind of puzzles for a deep learning of English alphabets

Learning to write with a sample

Learning to write with no sample

A very fun quiz to further enhance the learned knowledge

Cute and suitable graphics with animations, music and effects to entertain children.

What will be added in future updates:

Persian Dialogues and guide.

Switch between English and Persian whenever you want.

Trial Mode! You can test the app before making it available to your child.

Addition of small letters, shapes and numbers to app.

New Section! Learn to write words!

Double the content! we just don't want you to run out of it!

Videos! You will be able to watch English learning videos for kids!

More Animations, Effects and more happy musics!

Contact us:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikalearn/

Telegram: https://telegram.me/NolispeStudio