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NY Cop Duty: Police Cars Chase

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Police Car vs Gangster Car Chase- NY Cop Duty 2019

Become a policeman, hop into the car and chase criminals with great fire power! Police Car vs Gangster Car Chase gives you an exciting 3D race. You have to be a great driver and shoot at criminals and destroy their cars. Drive at max and car chase the criminals in police car game. Experience the dangerous fast car driving and police battle while crime chasing the gangsters. Don’t let them run away from hills. Follow the trails, and locate by using maps. Avoid obstacles that could lead you to mission failure. This game offers the massive open world for the best car driving simulator game experience! Race, drift, crash, jump, and flip around a huge detailed open city, perform tricks and stunts, and have fun! The most realistic and extreme car driving game you'll ever experience, Police Car vs Gangster Car Chase- NY Cop Duty 2019 Simulator!

Police Car vs Gangster Car Chase is #1 intense 3D police pursuit racing game which tests your driving skills against street racers desperate to outrun you. Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight - You are in for the ride of the wildest chases. Take down runaway street racers while avoiding civilian cars as you chase and weave through traffic. Outrun high speed felons, outsmart rivals, outdrive buddy police and smash road in the most dangerous racing game now! Play this newest game with thrilling adventures and enjoy exciting cop duty missions. Professional robbers have planned a new theft. Police cars arrived at the robbery crime scene to capture criminals. Prepare for grand clash of cops and robbers in wildest crime chase. Keep firing rifle and kill all officers of the police to escape. Gangsters group has planned a grand bank theft to steal cash, gold and diamonds. Play as a police man against theft to execute city grand bank theft & museum theft. Be the skilled cop and get out from dangerous crime scene with capturing the complete gang. Drive crazy, smash and hit the police cars. Grab your gun, shoot at them and keep running to escape.

Compete against the rivals of the city. Catch them and beat to earn the higher ranks in the department. You’ve got exemption from all manners, rules & laws. Drive crazy on NY chase car mission in NY driving simulator. Your task is to get there and track the criminals via map and get into the car. Remember they are having fast vehicles which they take on NY hill side all in surroundings. Be careful from car damage and thrilling curves. There’s ramps and hills in hill police area. Also big rocks that can fall on to your vehicle. Don’t let ‘em car drive away. You do have limited to complete your car chasing job. So, be efficient and fast car driver to crime chase and eliminate completely to bring the peace back to the area in real chase simulator. NY police chasing & pursuit is hard then city police games. Be the vigilant cop and damage the criminals, after long distance, with Mexican cartels to arrest as police shooting chase cop hero driving game. Turn on the sirens and drive fast to take sharp to stop them in police simulator game. Control with realistic controllers and avoid on-going off-road traffic in police games.

** GAME FEATURES OF Police Car vs Gangster Car Chase- NY Cop Duty 2019**

This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hours of fun.

Car damage is extremely realistic.

It's very simple to select a drive mode.

You get realistic acceleration.

Great graphics.

Dynamic traffic with real and intense traffic AI

Realistic car driving simulator, ultimate driving experience

Realistic drift physics

High-quality vehicles

Dynamic drifting camera angles

Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!

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