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Mission of Crisis Restart- excellent strategyfor androiddevices with stunning graphics and unusual plot.

You will see an incredible world of the future, where cats and dogs received special implants that enhance their intelligence. Now the world is ruled by two warring factions Catfolks and Dogfolks. Catfolks is trying by all means to exterminate the faction of dogs, which in turn want to live in peace and harmony. You have to take control of the dogs and help them stop the cats in their cruel and infantile intentions. You will manage four brave heroes, switch between them as needed, carry out complex and important missions, the main of which is to get to enemy headquarters.

This strategywill delight you with high-quality and well-developed graphics, comfortable controls and addictive gameplay. You can download the excellent Mission of Crisis Restart on Androidstrategy and help the dogs in their important mission, as well as save their faction from extermination. You will find a bright and interesting story, with several storylines that will reveal many interesting facts about the new era, as well as a large number of game content. Try yourself as a skillful commander and bring your joy to victory in an incredible real-time strategy Mission of Crisis Restart!Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.