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Get ready for extreme fighting and weapon merging! ⚔️Merge Fighting is an awesome merge game that takes street fighting to a new level! Ruthless punks and street fighters are terrorizing the city. It’s time for you, the king of fighters , to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget! Use the power of weapon merge and prove yourself as the ultimate fighter in an epic test of strength and skill in this fighting game. FIGHT LIKE A PRO Being a street fighter champion isn’t just about the fighting skills, it's also about knowing the right moment to attack or retreat. ️ Watch your enemy's moves during the battle. If you see them swing at you, take cover or dodge the punch like a ninja . Wait for the right moment and attack with all your might to score a KO!PICK A STRATEGYNot all street fighters will be easy to defeat! Some battles will require an individual approach. Analyze every detail of your attacker’s gear. Do they have a defense? ️ Or perhaps they’re armed with a ranged weapon? Plan out your every move and destroy your enemy with just one timely hit. Go down in history of this fighting game as the deftest king of fighters!MERGE WEAPONS ⚔️Merge matching items in your arsenal to craft new weapons with more damage! Rebars, axes, ️ swords, crowbars, flamethrowers—whatever item will suit you well in this merge game, even a road sign. Become the merge master by creating the deadliest weapons and make your enemies regret ever crossing your path!HOW TO BECOME A CHAMPION IN THIS FIGHTING GAME Get into deadly ☠️ head-to-head fights Experiment with a large arsenal of weapons and fighting armor ⚔️Merge items to craft the coolest weaponsKick harder and get rewarded for powerful punches Perform satisfying critical hits and finishersBoost your stamina and strength Explore new, exciting locations ️Infinite 1-on-1 battles, fun weapon merging, and impeccable action—there's so much to love in this thrilling merge game. Join Merge Fighting as the greatest weapon merge master and save the city from injustice!