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Inspired by unpleasant/terrible edutainment games from the 90s,Math teacher is a meta loathsomeness game that is extremely odd, with not a single genuine instructive incentive in sight. The objective of the game is to gather seven notebooks, and afterward escape the school, yet that is easier said than done! You'll have to get familiar with all the ins-and-outs of the game Stone to think of a triumphant strategy and abstain from being gotten by medieval math teacher Military. Figuring out how to use friends furthering your potential benefit, wisely dealing with the items found all through the Math school Military, and remembering the format of are for the most part keys to success!

This game has two modes, story and endless!

- Endless mode is a test to see what number of notebooks you can gather before being gotten by Medieval Math teacher Military. After some time Medieval Math teacher will speed up, however each time you successfully solve the problems in a note pad he'll slow down. The more you can hold his speed down, the more notebooks you can gather!

- Story mode requires you to gather 7 notebooks and afterward escape the school to win. The more notebooks you gather, the faster will turn into! Simple.