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The description of MathMa. Math Puzzles & Riddles App

MathMa math puzzles is an educational game that includes logic puzzles, mind games, math puzzles.

The levels of the math game are similar to the IQ test, by completing level by level you expand your analytical skills and the level of your intelligence.

This intelligent game consists of different levels of logic puzzles and math puzzles of varying difficulty.

MATH GAMES SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES. To solve logic puzzles, only developed logical abilities are needed. Develop them together with INTELLIGENT GAMES.

MATH RIDDLES are absolutely free and available to everyone.

How to play math puzzles?

The math games use the same principle as the IQ test.

Look for relationships in numbers and check your solution.

Take on the Challenges of Your Intellect with BRAIN GAMES

What are the benefits of math puzzles?

Solving logic puzzles will increase your IQ.

Math games will improve your math skills.

The MathMa team is always ready to take your feedback into account.

We ask you to feel free to leave reviews in the Play Market.

You can also send feedback by email: iedevelopapp@gmail.com