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Discover a colorful world full of yummy fruit and cute monsters in this new line-matching puzzle adventure! Solve fun puzzles with a fruity twist, collect tons of cute monsters, and use their special abilities to defend your island from the Bad Bugs! Welcome to the magical world of Matchfruit Monsters!

- SOLVE FUN PUZZLES Enjoy tons of levels with fun and casual line matching gameplay that is easy to learn, but hard to master. Whether you’re a veteran of line match games or not, it’s a blast to play!

- PUZZLES WITH A FRUITY TWIST Match the candy colored fruits to hatch cute monsters. Use match combos to supercharge your monsters and use their special boosters to clear exciting levels to defend your islands against the bug invasion.

- COLLECT CUTE MONSTERS Build a strong team and blast the bugs invading your island. Make sure to feed your monsters fruit to help them level up – it’s like candy to them!

- WIN REWARDS Collect stars by blasting buggy enemies and completing levels to win awesome rewards.

- EXPLORE THE WORLD OF MATCHFRUIT MONSTERS Immerse yourself in the magical world of Matchfruit Monsters and embark on a fruity puzzle adventure.

- STAY TUNED We’re planning regular updates with new levels, cute monsters, and many more surprises!


On a remote archipelago, creatures of all kinds have been living a quiet and peaceful life for as long as they can remember. Each creature lives on their own perfect island, surrounded by their best friends. Every island has an ideal habitat for their species to inhabit, where the creatures’ preferred snacks, Monster Fruits, grow in abundance.

Now, a powerful entity threatens to disrupt the balance of this island paradise. A wicked villain known as Queen Bee has emerged from across the ocean with an army of minions, and this queen is a royal pain. She’s got her mind set on capturing the elusive and powerful Fruit of Life. If this most powerful of fruits falls into her royal bugginess Queen Bee’s hands, there will be no way to stop her forces from taking over.

But this won’t be like stealing candy from a baby. Our little heroes can outsmart Queen Bee together. It’s time for these best friends to team up and blast her minions back into the ground!

PLEASE NOTE: Matchfruit Monsters is a completely free match puzzle adventure game to download and play.


The game is currently in Beta and we will be extremely happy and thankful to receive all of your feedback regarding how the game feels, what you enjoy most and what you struggle with.

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