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Magical girl story (Mod Menu)

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Android version
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Magical girl story Mod Info
after the game starts, click the round button at the top of the left to open the menu mode, in which immortality can be enabled,the character will not be hurt
If a window appears after you enable the game showing that new updates are available, click Cancel

Magical girl story (Mod Menu) Mod Apk

Hey players!

We have a magical girl and a bad Demon King here~

Use the magical girl to catch the bad Demon King!

★What’s the point of growing up without goals? Would that be fun??

A game with a story and an ending!

The start of an epic game!

★Upgrade your magic skills unlimitedly

★Take the Thousand king’s magic skill to prepare for your next Thousand kings!

★Collect the Demon King legion’s soul to purchase buffs!

Stronger with buffs!

★You can enjoy the game without using money!

(But I recommend you to use the magnet for better mental health.)

★What? Advertisements get on your way?

Get away from these annoying advertisements!

★Casual Roguelike hack & slash! This is what you call a game!