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Lottery Draw Machine: USA

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Please note: This is a highly demanding application which may not work on some older devices.

Lottery machine Mega Millions is a virtual lottery game that gives you full control to play and draw from Criterion, the Mega Millions ball machine.

Lottery machine also includes draws for US top 8 lotteries such as Powerball, Lotto America, Super Lotto, Lucky for life, Megabucks, daily Keno and more.

Lottery machine comes with TICKET MAKER “your rules”. Create any draw for 2 machines with up to 80 balls and 20 draws for most lotto and bingo games around the world.

• Create your own rules, run your own lottery or Bingo game with mega ball and lucky stars

• 2 machine draws from the criterion Machine, each with up to 80 balls and 20 draws

• increase your chances of winning, take out odds from your draws

• Control speed of the blades and release your winning numbers

• Use our automatic timer for hands free unlimited draws

• View the game from different cameras and get really close to the action

• Saves your results and keep playing!

This is the most authentic virtual lottery machine ever built.