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Jiangnan Leather Factory (Get rewards without AD)

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2.Add money,diamonds

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The owner of the only factory in the village actually ran away with the savings, and the villagers’ salaries were all gone. The game’s protagonist, Da Zhuang, as the only “high-caliber student” in the village, decided to take over the factory to develop the leather industry and lead the villagers to make a fortune. Can Da Zhuang, who has no entrepreneurial experience, lead the villagers and elders to a well-off life?

【Game Features】

Rich products

Leather bags, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather sofas, etc., a variety of leather products are waiting for you to unlock;

Recruit talents

Elites from all over come to assist you, whether it is production or publicity and other needs, she will all know;


Setting up our own chamber of commerce, our ultimate goal is to bring our products to the world! !