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JET is a scooter rental service using a mobile application. You can rent an electric scooter at one of the hundreds of parking lots located around the city and complete the rental wherever it suits you.Kicksharing, bike sharing... What is it and how does it work?Call it whatever is convenient for you – in fact, the JET service is a stationless electric scooter rental.To rent a vehicle, you don’t need to visit a pick-up point, communicate with an employee and provide a deposit in the form of a passport or a certain amount of money.All you need to rent:- Download the application and register in the service. You only need a phone number, registration will take 2-3 minutes.- Find the electric scooter on the map or at the nearest parking lot.- Scan QR on the steering wheel, through the built-in function in the app.The rental has started – enjoy your trip! You can find out more about the rules for using the service on the website: jetshr.com/rules/In which cities is the service available?The service is available in Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa) and Kazakhstan (Almaty).You can rent a scooter in any of these cities through the JET app. The rental rules for different cities may differ, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them before renting, but in general, if you used similar rentals such as Urent, Whoosh, VOI, Bird, Lime, Bolt or others, the principle of renting will not be much different.If you want to open the JET service in your city, leave a request on the website: start.jetshr.comYou will not find this in other services:MULTI RENTRent an electric scooter for the whole family. To do this, you only need one JET account. You can rent up to 5 scooters with one account. Just open several scooters in sequence by scanning their QR codes.WAITING AND RESERVATIONOur application has a waiting and booking function. You can book an electric scooter in the app and it will wait for you for 10 minutes for free. During the rental period, you can close the lock and put the scooter in ""standby"" mode, the rental will continue, but the lock will be closed. You can go about your business without worrying about the safety of the scooter.BONUS ZONESYou can complete the lease in a special green area and get bonuses for it. To receive bonuses, you must make a lease lasting more than 10 minutes.Rent price:The rental price may vary in different cities. You can see the current rental price in the application by clicking on the electric scooter icon. You can also buy one of the bonus packages, the higher the value of the bonus package, the larger the amount will be credited to your account as bonuses.Download the JET kicksharing app – a welcome bonus awaits you inside, try the service and leave a review. Your opinion is very important to us. Enjoy your trip!