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Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis (So Mod Menu)

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Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis Mod Info
Mod Menu:
1.Remove Ads
2.lnfinite Life
3.Enemy NoAttack
4.lnfinite Bullet
5.lnfinite Trap
Tips:Flash back to repair the customs clearance problem, if you have encountered please update

Ice Scream 7 Friends Lis Mod is an adventure puzzle mobile game. This game will bring more completely different gameplay and challenges to users, so that everyone can further explore Rhodes' dark secrets. The game still unfolds from the perspective of two characters, and you will start adventures and solve puzzles from the perspective of J and Liz. If you like it, I guess you like Ice Scream 7 Mod too.

Ice Scream 7 Friends Lis Mod Game Features

1. In the mobile game, users will compete with Mini Rhodes and Ice Cream Master;

2. Solve the exquisitely designed puzzles and immerse yourself in the unique music rhythm and carefully crafted dubbing;

3. Play at your own pace and explore in ghost mode.

Ice Scream 7 Friends Lis Mod Game Experience

The difficulty of mobile games is much simpler than that of traditional escape rooms, and it takes minutes for the upper brain circuit.

If you are not right, you may not be able to solve it. Rather than using your brain, it depends on whether you are compatible with the producer.

There are more pitfalls in a mobile game than before, but for the first few, an accident is the rhythm of Game over.

Ice Scream 7 Friends Lis Mod Game Review

This time, there is also a certain update in terms of the number of levels.

I feel that it is enough for us to play for a long time now, after all, puzzle-solving mobile games are still very brain-intensive.

Various passerby roles have gradually become richer.

Ice Scream 7 Friends Lis Mod Game Try

The difficulty of solving the puzzle is not very high, and I got stuck in only two or three levels at most. It is recommended to increase the difficulty.

There is also a collection of props in this model, and then I had obsessive-compulsive disorder and just collected them all, although it didn't work.

So there is no need to collect them all, unless you have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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