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Ragdoll Human Workshop 2D is a physics simulation sandbox. There are no predefined goals or objectives. Simply throw objects into the world and interact with them in various ways.

You've found something that doesn't look like other things you've used in the past. You can try to make a very funny machine, you need to pick many types of weapons just like balloons, syringes, hammers swords, and many different fun things that you can use. then just aim and hit the enemy and have fun killing them.

Ragdoll simulates a human body that balances itself on two feet no problem. You can force it to walk, sit, squat or turn it into a pile of guts by stabbing, shooting, burning, Furthermore, these ragdolls are gifted with life-like features such as blood circulation

Highlight Feature:
- Great graphics and animations
- So many traps - So many funny things
- Stick physics ragdoll game - So many guns
- Making stick in people

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