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Richard and Nicole go out to buy Joyful Burger for the family to celebrate christmas, After they left, gum ball and darwine think that they bought a mansion and left them forever. Then, when the boys realize there is only a potato in the fridge, they start to fight.

You play as gumball searching for supplies to live while Nicole and Richard are gone. There are 2 meters on the top and bottom, the top shows how far the parents are from home. The bottom shows gum ball's Health, Hunger, Boredom, and Inventory. To gain supplies, you press the hand key to punch stuff, you can pick it up by walking into them, the eat key allows you to eat items to restore hunger (if you don't have the oven built). Clicking and dragging items will allow you to drop the items. Some rooms have Darwin inside of them, If he's there, leave the room immediately, he will shoot you if you're slow. the shot deals 1 half of a heart but Darwin will also take something random from you're inventory.

The Items you can build are:

Camp: Anais will occasionally drop items if she has a ! mark over her, she is hostile if you talk to her too much (Requires 1 towel, 3 tape, and 5 pieces of stuffing)

Penny Shrine: Use items to spin the wheel, The Yellow Third will give some health and hunger back. The Blue restores some boredom, and The Red doesn't help (Requires 1 Penny Portrait, 10 pieces of stuffing, and 5 springs)

Hospital: Use 3 pieces of stuffing and tape to heal yourself (Requires 1 Med kit, 7 Tape, and 7 pieces of stuffing)

Arcade: Use 1 tape to play Tic-Tac-Toe with Anais, It restores your boredom (Requires 1 TV and 10 Tape)

Fireplace: Use food items and stuffing to make bigger food items to restore major hunger (Requires 1 toaster, 3 Tape, and 7 Springs)

Chest: Allow you to store more items (Requires 1 Washer, 7 Tape, And 7 Springs)

AMAZING Hairdryer: Use 3 Tape and Springs to Get a hairdryer, Press hand to when your close to Dar win to blow him away, he does spawn in different spots in the same location so be careful.

Enjoy playing this christmas game Home Alone