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Hands are vital organs in our body. If you are considering getting a tattoo because it is in constant contact with water, you should be very careful in having very dark color tones and not fading due to continuous contact with water.Hands have been the subject of different mystical stories and spiritual thoughts from the past to the present. The only and foremost thing that has not changed from the Egyptian civilization to the age of technology is that the hands carry the traces of femininity and destiny.We need to do very detailed research when getting tattoos on our hands, which is the organ we use the most since it represents our productivity and the other party's most seen. Since we know this, you can look at our collection, where we have added the most beautiful and unique images of our hand tattoo designs, which we have prepared to facilitate your work and give you lovely and helpful ideas. You can find healthy ideas for getting a tattoo.Since the hands represent movement, most of the accessories we use are usually in the wrist and hand region. Hand tattoo ideas are fundamental to harmonize very well with these accessories. Colored or black and white tattoos are preferred by the colors we use.Our hands are a feature that distinguishes us from other living things with their structure that enables and facilitates many different movements thanks to the muscles that develop over time, which have pretty different muscle groups. Since our hands are essential to us, the hand tattoo models to be made in this region should be very meaningful and carefully selected.