Granny 3 (Без рекламы/тупые боты)

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Granny 3 Mod Info
● Убран показ рекламы;
● Только в моде [Без рекламы/тупые боты]: противники ничего не делают.
Granny 3 - continuation of atmospheric horror adventurefor Android devices.

Atmospheric locations

In this part of the game you find yourself in a new house with a sinister grandma and no less strange grandfather. You will again be offered 5 days in order to have time to explore the locations of the house, solve many clever puzzles and find a way to salvation. If you do not have time to cope in the allotted time, then a rather harsh ending of the story awaits you. Are you ready to test yourself in this challenging adventure?

New adventures and favorite heroes

New atmospheric locations, many interesting puzzles, exciting challenges and addictive game process. In addition to grandparents, their no less sinister granddaughter named Slendrina will live in the house, who will interfere with you in every possible way and at times frighten you. It is important to move as quietly as possible, since grandmother has perfect hearing and can easily determine your position due to the noise, but grandfather will walk around the house with a shotgun, so it is important to try not to catch his eye at all. Will you be able to find your way to freedom in the allotted 5 days? Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.