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The description of Gantt App

Create gantt chart quickly for your project management.

It is helpful through planning to operation as ToDo list and Memo pad are attached.


- Create gantt chart with tasks, sub tasks and milestones.

- Draw links which shows the dependency between tasks.

- View the summary table for tasks and links.

- Project files can be shared on the cloud.

- Memo pad and Todo list.

Project View:

- Top page of this app.

- Open task view by tapping the project.

- Open editing menu by long tapping the project.

- Plus button shows the dialog to create new project.

- Cloud button shows the menus for sharing the project on the cloud.

- Timer button shows the dialog to set the push notification.

Task View:

- List the tasks.

- Task type is task, sub-task or milestone.

- Open task editor by tapping the task.

- Tasks can be filtered by date, progress and person.

- Auto Sync of the progress is available.

- Save button allows for save, save-as or upload to the cloud.

- Arrow button shows the gantt chart.

Link View:

- List the links.

- Invalid link is shown in red color.

- Open link editor by tapping the link.

Todo View:

- List the Todo.

- Open the editor by tapping the item.

- Switch the status by tapping the check mark.

Gantt Chart:

- Move by swiping.

- Zoom in/out button.

- Sub tasks can be fold by tapping the plus mark at left side of the task.

- Task editor opens by tapping the chart.

- Link editor opens by long tapping the chart.

Cloud Service:

- You can share the project with the other users on the cloud.

- Registration is required to accessing the cloud.


- No advertisement if you pay for the premium item.

- This app uses the Apache 2.0 license library - AChartEngine.