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Game khelo offers 5+ games like Ludo, Snake and Ladders, Flappy Bird etc. with live calling facility in multiplayer mode.

About Ludo:-

Ludo game is one of the oldest classic games that ever existed. Ludo originated from India, the precursor to Ludo is a game of Pachisi. Ludo comes with a very simple set of rules which makes Ludo a game suitable for all ages. Ludo can be enjoyed with friends, family colleagues but you can also play Ludo alone and have fun. Ludo game can be an interesting way to kill time during commute, free hours and Ludo can also be a used to teach strategy go young kids. Ludo game can also be a good way to bond with friends no matter how far, Ludo game is easy to access and the Ludo game doesn't require any extra installation space because Ludo can be played on this app. While playing Ludo you can engage with your friends by not only chatting but by in app calling during a game of Ludo. This feature in game of Ludo is exclusive in Game Khelo App. This calling feature app is not exclusive to Ludo app but in many other games as well in addition to Ludo. To give you a brief about Ludo, game of ludo can be played by one to upto player. In Game of ludo the players have four pawns which they have to let to home to win the game of Ludo. Game of Ludo is played with 16 pieces and 6 faced dice and the moves in the ludo game are governed by the number appearing on the dice and the winner of ludo game is decided by how soon one of the players in ludo can move his/her pieces in the home. The first one to do that wins the game of ludo. It is simple, safe and easy to play ludo game with anyone.

In addition to ludo we have more games like snake and ladder. Snakes and ladders also originated in India like game of Ludo, it is a game that can be played by played by multiple people (max-2), like the game of Ludo. The game of Snakes and Ladders is also played with a dice just like the game of Ludo. In Snakes and ladders the rules are simple in which players should reach the square of 100 starting from square one. It is easy and fun for all.

Besides the classic games like Ludo, Snake and ladder. In the game khelo app we have games like tower building, 2048.