Endurance (Много кредитов/без рекламы)

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● Много кредитов;
● Приобретено отключение рекламы.
Endurance - space action - pixelated arcade action for android devices.

Epic action in the old school style

Endurance - space action - this is a prequel to the cult game for mobile devices Aliment, which won the hearts of critics and millions of gamers around the world. This arcade action will take you to events shortly before the start of the original game, where you, along with the main character and his colleague, will go on a journey through a giant spaceship-laboratory to find out what made his entire crew literally go crazy. An exciting and incredibly dynamic adventure awaits you, which only the best gamers can survive!

Dynamic and exciting

An unknown virus infects the crew of the Endurance ship and now you need to arm yourself properly and get ready for the craziest battle of your life! Endurance - space action will offer you a choice of a huge arsenal of firearms, stylish pixel graphics with modern animation, a high pace of the game and great gameplay that combines the genres of arcade action, shooter and role-playing game. You will find a dizzying adventure that you will never forget! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.