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Darkrise MOD APK (So Mod Menu)

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Darkrise MOD APK Mod Info
1.Remove Ads
2.Infinite Gold
3.Infinite Gems
4.Infinite Mana
Exp x10、
Damage x10

Darkrise Mod Apk - Pixel Classic Action RPG - gripping pixelated action-RPG for android devices. 

Hardcore Challenges 
An incredibly dynamic and entertaining RPG, spiced up with action battles and old school flavor. In Darkrise - Pixel Classic Action RPG you will meet three brave heroes, each of them will have unique characteristics, distinctive appearance, significant features that will affect the game mechanics as a whole. According to the plot of the game, demons have invaded the homeland of the heroes and now they have to fight the henchmen of evil, clear the territories and return peace to the country. 

6 difficulty levels and more than 20 locations 
Darkrise - Pixel Classic Action RPG boasts quite difficult challenges, in which you have to constantly be on the alert, be active so as not to become an easy target for enemies and deal with them. You can also pump the characteristics of your heroes, open powerful ammunition, armor and more for them. The game features more than 20 arenas for battles, in which enemies will appear from portals unexpectedly, and enemies have special characteristics. Will you be able to destroy the minions of evil on all 6 difficulty modes? 

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