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If you love to crochet or just love knitted things, maybe these bracelets will suit you.Some of them are quite simple, and they can be done together with children for a small amount of time, some are complex, for skilled workers.Do not take with you on the beach expensive jewelry, which can easily get lost. It's much better to put a couple of homemade crochet bracelets on, they look great, and if they do disappear, it will not be too offensive.Moreover, it is possible to make up for loss easily, since knitting with beads is not tricky at all. See for yourself: beach bracelets with beads by their own hands, spectacular and bright, knit together for the evening. You can tie a bracelet on your hands and feet in the same style, or a couple of hand bracelets in a single color scheme - you need to focus on your desires and taste.If you've never tried crochet with beads, then be sure to check out our selection of master classes. Detailed step-by-step photos make the crochet process understandable without translation, so you will not have any doubts about how to tie a crochet bracelet with beads.Surely you know that the word "bracelet" is of French origin: in one of the most beautiful languages of the world, bracelet means "wrist." In general, it is quite logical and utterly not romantic, which, by the way, is not at all agreed with the subject itself, for which the word invented: bracelets are very gentle, feminine, and stylish! A hand with a beautiful ornament always attracts attention, raises delight and admiration. A woman who knows how to wear bracelets is uniquely beautiful. A woman who knows how to crochet bracelets by crocheting is exceptionally talented.