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Craft Master: Survival Battle (Get reward without ads)

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Craft Master Survival Battle Mod Apk

Do you know all games in Survival Game 2? ☠️

No more Red, green light or Dalgona candy. It is new challenge, new chance to get all the money with you 

You've been invited to the Survival Battle in Craft world where you immerse yourself in a series of chaotic death games and master your survival skills to become the last man standing. Try your best to win all the levels and be Craft Master.

Survival challenges are fun, craft mode is even more fun. Be alert and fight for your survival in this chaos of this battle!

Nine rounds, Nine trials to survive!

Craft Master Survival Battle Mod Apk Challenging Games:
Fill in Blank
Chicken Chase
Turbo Lawn Mower
Deadly Jaws
Hot Lava Floor
Glass Bridge
Run or Fall
Match the Tile

GAME 1 - Fill in Blank
Rules of this game are quite simple. Run and stay still! Watch out for the big piece full of sharp rivets. Find and run to the blank before it falls to attack you.

GAME 2 - Chicken chase
Try your best to bring as much chicken as possible to your coop. Little secret is that you can steal  from your enemies.

GAME 3 - Turbo Lawn Mower
Use your strategy skills to win in this Turbo Lawn Mower contest. Avoid the coming lawn mower from every angle.

GAME 4 - Deadly Jaws
Run and avoid the obstacles. Sounds easy? Let's join and meet Mr. Cute Whale! 

GAME 5 - Hot Lava Floor
It seems easy to jump on but Can you pass this game? Try to not fall down to the hot lava  or be attacked by the propeller

GAME 6 - Glass Bridge
Do not jump to the Glass Bridge! Remember the right places you have to jump!

GAME 7 - Whac-a-mole
The familiar game you know the best. Test your strength! 

GAME 8 - Run or Fall
Easy to learn, hard to master! Run all the maps and try not to fall.

GAME 9 - Match the Tile
Choose the picture that you have seen on hands of admin, and run to that title!

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