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Card Guardians (Бесплатные покупки)

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Бесплатные покупки за реальные деньги (после покупки закройте окно с ошибкой).
Card Guardians: Deck-building card genre - addicting strategy game for android devices.

Each map can turn the tide of battle

An exciting game project that combines elements of such popular genres as strategy, roguelike and card game. Here you have to take part in battles with the most powerful opponents, and all in order to restore balance to the world called Valencia. A breathtaking and unforgettable adventure across the atmospheric lands of the kingdom awaits you, unforgettable battles with enemies, destroying everyone, you can return them back to the dungeon of chaos and clear the kingdom's lands.

Ability to create a unique deck

Here you can try out various tactical and strategic maneuvers, find strengths and weaknesses enemy, as well as competently handle the cards. You will have the opportunity to independently build a unique deck from scratch that will help you crush a wide variety of opponents. It is also important to remember that one wrong move and one thoughtlessly drawn card can turn the tide of the battle not in your favor at all. You will independently decide whether you should attack the enemy at the moment or whether it is better to defend yourself, strengthen your own defense, or it is possible to restore health. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.