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Car Damage Simulator 3D

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The description of Car Damage Simulator 3D App

Car Damage Simulator is an advanced physics based car crash simulator with dynamic mesh collision.Vehicle parts fall off when damaged too much.

Play one of the best car crashing simulator and experience real car damage. Do stunts or damage other opponent cars in an open-world sandbox map.

Game is inspired by BeamNG drive

This game will challenge your driving and car crashing skills by trying to test your driving skills on all conditions with the most wrecking cars and having fun.

Top features of Car Damage Simulator3D :

Good physics of car movement

- Realistic car body damage and car crash

- Advanced physics engine with crashing and damage

- Multiple Vehicles including Sedan, Van, SUV, Hotrods, Hatchback and Sports car

- Dynamic physics based car mesh collision

- Fully detachable car components like doors, hood, truck which fall off when damaged too much

- Nice camera system with 3 different views

- Open World Sandbox maps with ramps, opponent cars .

- Endless Damage and destruction