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Welcome to CLiQQ! The official 7-Eleven Philippines mobile app for CLiQQ WiFi, Rewards and Payments.CLiQQ WiFi allows for easy access to the internet using the points you’ve earned while purchasing at any of our 7-Eleven stores nationwide. All 7-Eleven stores are CLiQQ WiFi zones. Simply convert your POINTS to consumable data (MB) to continue use. New users get 70MB of free data! CLiQQ Rewards is 7-Eleven Philippines’ loyalty rewards program (formerly Every Day! Rewards). Earn points as you spend for your Every Day! Items in our stores. CLiQQ PAY is 7-Eleven Philippines’ mobile wallet. Use your mobile phone to pay in store, quickly and convenient, you even earn points at the same time! • Everyone automatically gets a virtual loyalty barcode. If you have previously added a card, you will automatically get a new virtual card. All points you earn will be consolidated within your account.• Earn points by presenting your loyalty barcode every time you buy at 7-Eleven. Get your loyalty barcode for free by downloading our mobile app. You may also purchase a card for P10 and sync it to your mobile app. We recommend using the mobile app so you always have your barcode when you have your phone.• Add the CLiQQ Rewards widget to your home screen for convenient access without having to open the app• Browse the rewards catalog and redeem using your points or e-stamps• Check your point balance, brand e-stamps and raffle entries• Send points, brand e-stamps and rewards to friendsNotes:• Point and e-stamp balances and raffle entries are normally updated 15 minutes after purchase, but network conditions due to telco issues may sometimes result in delayed updates. Rest assured your points, e-stamps or raffle entries will be credited as soon as network conditions normalize.The following app permissions are being requested:Camera - allows uploading of your profile photoWiFi information - allows the app to automatically sign in to CLiQQ WiFiContacts - to allow use of your address book to send your friends points and rewardsFor more details, visit https://www.cliqq.netWhat’s New:- CLiQQ PAY Wallet- Pay Bills Bar Code Generator- Buy Load Bar Code Generator- Buy Pins Bar Code Generator- Add eMoney Bar Code Generator---------------------------------------------------------We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please send them to us via CLiQQ app or post it at follow us on social media: