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Bondee Apk is a virtual secret base only for you and your friends.

Here you can connect through simple and playful communication.

Bondee Apk Main points

1. 50 friends

There are 50 friends who can invite.

You can create a cozy digital space.

2 redefine yourself

In the world of bondee, forget the real world and meet yourself with the ideal.

Cute avatars and countless trend items!

3. In bondee square

It is the "status" that represents the present state in a unique animation, and shares the life and the feeling with nakamo friend.

Let's join time and space.

Let's play with the real friend in bondee square rather than the "contact" that is cooled away.

4. Vivid and cute meeting

You can select your favorite status and communicate with your friends as if they were "facing".

Even if it is away, the present state and feelings are transmitted in a timely manner so that the other party is next.

Share the status and share the IMA

"Work", "love cat", "PengEn" etc.

Record your life in a more diverse and memorable manner.

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