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AoD: Roman Empire (Много XP)

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Бесконечное количество опыта (XP, донатная валюта).
Age of Dynasties: Roman Empire - conquering strategy game for Android devices.

Development of the Roman Empire

turn-based combat system, which will take place during the reign of the Roman Empire. Here you have to take control of that very Roman Empire, command combat units and an army, develop your kingdom, provide the population with water, obtain building materials, erect buildings and more. All actions of the game will be divided into time quarters, it is during this time that you have to perform certain tasks.

Turn-based combat system

Only your actions will determine whether the Roman Empire can grow and turn into a powerful one Civilization. Over time, you have to modernize the defenses in your empire, defend against enemy attacks, build up your combat power, experience difficult events from a historical point of view that literally shook Rome and tried to destroy the Empire. Conspiracies and betrayals, wars and invasions by barbarians, riots and coups d'état, can you handle all of this and bring the Roman Empire to prosperity? Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.