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​Among Us MOD APK (So Mod Menu)

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​Among Us MOD APK Mod Info
1.kill without cooling
2.Unlock casual hats
3.Unlock pets
4.Unlock skin
5.chat remains valid
6.No ads
7.No banning penalty

Among Us MOD APK is a multiplayer online social game. Players take on the role of astronauts on missions in space while also finding and voting out "spy" players posing as astronauts.

Among Us MOD APK Game Features

Simple and easy to understand: the game interface is simple, easy to operate, easy to use.

Multiplayer game: support 2-10 players online game, you can play with players from all over the world.

Social interaction: Players can conduct text chat and emoticon interaction in the game, which increases the sociality of the game.

Strong randomness: Each game map, task and "spy" identity are randomly generated, which increases the game's playability and fun.

Among Us MOD APK Gameplay

  1. When the game starts, players will be randomly assigned to be either Crewmate or Impostor.

  2. If you are a Crewmate, you need to complete missions on board and vote to find and eliminate all Impostors.

  3. If you are the Impostor, you need to confuse the Crewmate through lies, deceit, and acts of violence, prevent them from completing their missions, and kill them until the Impostor wins.

  4. There are also some emergency events in the game, such as oxygen supply interruption, reactor cooling out of control, etc., which need to be repaired by players as soon as possible.

  5. Whenever a dead body is found or the panic button is pressed, all players need to hold an emergency meeting to discuss who might be the Impostor and vote.

  6. Voting is finalized and the player with the most votes will be eliminated.

  7. The Crewmate wins if all Impostors are eliminated or if all missions are completed.

  8. The Impostor wins if it succeeds in killing a sufficient number of Crewmates or preventing the mission from completing

SosoMod App
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